Data Feeds: Travel Delays provides the RAW data, which allows you to create any visual presentation you need for your website. Simply parse our weather feed and insert the content into your application. A sample of how to display your data can be seen below:

Is there sample code?

Feeds are available in both CSV and XML formats. Below is a sample of the XML format.

<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="A" TimeDelay="0" Reason="*" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="A" TimeDelay="1" Reason="12" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="A" TimeDelay="2" Reason="*" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="A" TimeDelay="2" Reason="12" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="E" TimeDelay="0" Reason="*" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="E" TimeDelay="1" Reason="12" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="E" TimeDelay="3" Reason="6" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="M" TimeDelay="0" Reason="*" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="M" TimeDelay="2" Reason="12" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="M" TimeDelay="3" Reason="11" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="O" TimeDelay="0" Reason="*" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="O" TimeDelay="2" Reason="11" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="O" TimeDelay="2" Reason="6" />
<TravelDelay LocationID="1V4" Daypart="O" TimeDelay="3" Reason="12" />