Data Feeds: Tides provides the RAW data, which allows you to create any visual presentation you need for your website. Simply parse our weather feed and insert the content into your application. A sample of how to display your data can be seen below:

Is there sample code?

Feeds are available in both CSV and XML formats. Below is a sample of the XML format.

<TidalData LocationID="0001"
Date="06292001" Timezone="EDT"
HTtime1="03:43AM" HTheight1="1.63"
HTtime2="04:31PM" HTheight2="1.75"
LTtime1="09:44AM" LTheight1="-0.02"
LTtime2="10:22PM" LTheight2="0.12"
Sunrise="06:15AM" Sunset="08:31PM"
<TidalData LocationID="0001"
Date="06302001" Timezone="EDT"
HTtime1="04:40AM" HTheight1="1.56"
HTtime2="05:28PM" HTheight2="1.81"
LTtime1="10:39AM" LTheight1="-0.02"
LTtime2="11:22PM" LTheight2="0.11"
Sunrise="06:15AM" Sunset="08:31PM"
<TidalData LocationID="0001" Date="07012001"
Timezone="EDT" HTtime1="05:37AM"
HTheight1="1.52" HTtime2="06:22PM"
HTheight2="1.85" LTtime1="11:32AM"
LTheight1="-0.03" LTtime2="*" LTheight2="*"
Sunrise="06:15AM" Sunset="08:31PM" />