Data Feeds

The same weather data that powers the creation of our weather maps is available in raw textual format. This raw weather data is called a data feed. There are 7 main data feeds available. To view samples of the data available in each feed, select a product below:

Current Conditions | Forecasts | Bouy/CMAN | Tides | Ski Conditions | Monthly Climate | Trave Delays

Why use a data feed ?

There are times when you need direct access to the raw weather data. At those times, the intellicast data feeds are the perfect product for you. With the data feeds, you will have access to all of the individual data points, to use in your application or web site as your specifications require.

In what formats are the feeds? offers its data feeds in both comma-separated value (CSV) and extensible markup language (XML) formats. Select one of our feeds on the left for some brief information, as well as sample code.